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For your convenience, we have included a list of all the snowmobile clubs and related services located in their towns.  The legend for the list is as follows:

  (A) Accommodation
  (B) Breakfast Included
  (C) Convenience Store
  (D) Dealer
  (G) Gas
  (R) Restaurant

The following snowmobile clubs are members of our organization:

Twin Lake Trail Blazers, Nipawin - Club #226
Green Groves Motel 862-4633 (A)
Kingfisher Inn 862-9801 or


(A) (R)
MacSwaney's Cabins & Lodge, 862-4544 (A)
Nipawin Motor Inn & RV Park 862-3911 (A)
Northern Greens Resort 862-2686 or


(A) (B) (C) (G) (R)
Scot's Landing Log Cabins 862-8333 (A)
Tobin Lake Motel 1-877-667-4681 (A) (B)
Gieni's 862-4220 (R)  
Par-A-Mart Confectionery Ltd. 862-9200 (C) (G)  
Shell 35 862-2133 (C) (G)  
Nipawin Chrysler Yamaha 862-4015 (D)  
Seasons Edge Recreation 862-5538 (D)  
Thomas Motors Ltd. Nipawin/Melfort 862-4823


Twin Lakes Snowmobile Rentals 862-3396    
White Fox Hotel Inc. 276-2086 (A)  
Shacklocks Holdings 276-2008 (C) (G)  
Torch Valley Country Retreats 276-2567 (A) (R)  
River Trail Country Vacations 276-2511 (A)  
Jigger's Tavern 276-2552 (R)  
Lakeland Snowmobile Club, Christopher Lake - Club #212
Emma Lake Resort 982-3133 (A) (R)  
Sunset Bay Resort 982-3111 (A) (B) (C) (G) (R)
Emma Lake Bookstore Coffee Shop 982-4805 (R)  
Christopher Lake Gas 982-2494 (C) (G)  
Elk Ridge Resort 1-800-510-1824 (A) (G) (R)
Prince Albert Snow Runners - Club #222
Comfort Inn 763-4466 (A)
Northern Lights Casino/Prince Albert Inn 922-5000 (A) (R)  
Super 8 Motel 953-0088 (A) (B)
Riverside Arctic Cat 764-4217 (D)
Parkland Snow Trackers, Shellbrook - Club #110
Northwood Esso & Subway 747-2477 (C) (G) (R)  
Canwood Sno-Blazers - Club #103
Timber Trails Sno-Riders, Big River - Club #115
Classic View Resort 469-5728 (A)  
Delaronde Resort 469-4462 (A) (C) (G) (R)
Popular Point Resort 469-4987 (A) (G)  
Timberland Motel 469-4888 (A)
Big River Co-op Gas Bar 469-5777 (C) (G)  
Big River Esso 469-5774 (C) (G) (R)  
Third & Main/Thelma & Louise's 469-4488 (R)  
Leoville Snow Drifters - Club #107
Chitek Lake Bush Buddies - Club #104
Little Pine Lodge 984-2332 (A) (C) (G) (R)
Suprenant's General Store 974-2324 (C) (G)  
Vacation Place Restaurant 984-2453 (R)  
Northern Lights Snowmobile Association, Meadow Lake - Club #109
Nor'wester Motor Inn 236-4424 (A) (R)  
Woodland Inn 236-5939 (A) (B) (C)  
Meadow Lake Turbo 236-3224 (C) (G)  
Between the River Lodge 236-3174 (A) (B)  
Parkland Hotel & Motel 236-3500 (A) (R)  
Sikup General Store & Liquor Vendor 236-3304 (C) (G)  
Northern Meadows 238-4653 (A) (B) (R)  
Rednex 238-2055 (A) (R)  
Ken's Service 238-2050 (G)  
La Ronge Snowmobile Club - Club #234
Drifters Motel 425-2224 (A)  
Eagle Point Resort 425-2273 (A) (C) (G) (R) (D)
Harbour Inn 1-800-667-4097 (A)  
Riverside Motel 425-2150 (A) (B) (C) (G)


  (A) Accommodation
  (B) Breakfast Included
  (C) Convenience Store
  (D) Dealer
  (G) Gas
  (R) Restaurant

Forest Fringe Individual Club Trail Maps can be viewed and printed from the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association site.  It is recommended you download and print the necessary maps to safely plan your trip to ensure a wonderful experience in the Forest Fringe.

Begin your trip planning by visiting the following Saskatchewan Trail Map site. 

We have developed a North and South trail from Prince Albert to La Ronge.  Right now you ditch it up Hwy 2 from Prince Albert or trailer it to La Ronge. Each of these clubs spend untold numbers of volunteer hours developing, clearing, signing and grooming these trails.  Along the trail system are warm-up shelters so that riders can enjoy a wiener roast or trail lunch.  The warm-up shelters have stoves and firewood so all it takes is a match to fire-up the stove and make the warm-up shelter toasty warm. Out-houses are also available.  As long as you top up your fuel tank when leaving an area your snowmobile can usually reach the next gas station.